Nigel’s Monthly Roundup

Every month BH Associates Director Nigel Heaps publishes a roundup of interesting articles, features and bits of kit he encounters. October 2017 РThis is my first Monthly Roundup.  I spend a lot of time on the internet, working with clients, researching...

Presenting OBSIVEN to the 2017 AVEN AG

Me in action and a view from the stage as I start my talk on the progress of International cooperation across Nuclear Communities and the work being delivered in the UK by the NCCF.

La Rochelle AVEN AG 2017

I’m in France this weekend at the AGM of the French Nuclear Veterans.  Just watching a documentary about their experiences. 
Memories of Manchester

Memories of Manchester

The BH Associates team have pulled together a short video of the BNTVA memorial dedication. Despite threatening clouds and the odd spot of rain that morning, as soon as the ceremony commenced the sun broke through the clouds. We are honoured to have played our part...